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Welcome to Enchanted Scenes!

For over thirty years I worked with men, women and youth who were survivors of trauma, a​ddiction and abuse. In that time I was honored to listen and walk beside many people as they healed from the damage done by the behaviour of others and sometimes their own choices as they tried to cope with their past. 

Part of my training emphasized the importance of self-care and as a result I began creating miniatures to augment other things I did to maintain my mental, spiritual and physical health so I could help others. 

I found the attention to detail required to make the scenes from my imagination come alive was demanding enough to give me an enjoyable escape from the stories of  trauma etc. that I dealt with in my professional life.

I  hope you enjoy looking at (and perhaps purchasing) my creations as much as I enjoyed making them!

Please feel free to visit Etsy Canada store enchantedscenes and keep your eyes open for the markets I will be at in the future.

What I use

I incorporate and upcycle as much as I can; for instance I will use various material from pruning my garden, interesting twigs and rocks from hikes and even found a way to upcycle used fabric-softener sheets! The latter makes a great surface to build snow on! I have also discovered that I am pretty good with clay work. I use air dry clay to keep as eco-friendly as possible.

Fairy miniatures​

Fairies...fairies, elves and gnomes all are given homes in anything ranging from teacups, bark, trees and wood rounds with live edges. They are all complete scenes and just waiting for you to give them a new home, your joy and attention.

Christmas miniatures

And then there was of my favourite times of the year! Not just because I get to unwrap and build my three miniature Christmas villages (oh, who am I kidding, that plays a huge part in my enjoyment !),  but because I can combine two of my favourite things and so my Christmas miniatures was born.  I hope you enjoy adding them to your decorations as much as I did making them!

Halloween  miniatures

At the beginning, I found most of my little people on my adventures through thrift stores, dollar stores and in other random places. But one day I thought, "Why don't I start making my own figurines and castles. To begin with they were sooo ugly, and scary, (as I was told by my granddaughter)  that I went with it and started creating Halloween scenes and diaramas.

Join the world of miniatures and experience the delight of all things tiny!

Here’s what we’ve been working on

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